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more than art

Beauty can be overwhelming. Walk by any cosmetics counter or into any drugstore and you're suddenly surrounded by thousands of products promising to make you look younger, fuller, lusher, thicker, and just about every other "er" you can think of. It sounds too good to be true and most of it is. But who has the time to navigate all the beauty myths out there to find the tricks that will help you be your most beautiful?

Im opening my beauty treasure chest to share the hundreds of beauty Tips and secrets Ive learned during my years as a makeup artist and a model.

Ill guide you for your Day & Evening Makeup, Ill get just the best out of you for your special Events, Weddings and Galas. Youll get to be what you want to be on a Carnival party. Ill stand by you at your photo-shooting.

Just contact me and make your reservation for that special day!