more than art

One fine day I was walking in the street, on my way to buy a new canvas for my new planed painting. As I was passing by an urban garbage hill, I saw a wooden chair….being quite fixed on my idea to buy that canvas, I kept on walking towards my art shop. And again, I stood in front of those white and empty canvas, trying to figure out the right size to buy. Something called me to leave the shop and go back to that garbage hill...I left the shop and made the  way to ’’my’’ chair. The idea was boiling within me. The chair is my new canvas, a three dimensional one. The wooden chair was nothing like a blank canvas, it was wooden, it had already a form, and it was up to me to fuse it together with my own painting.

Pimp my Furniture!

Textfeld: I transform your old furniture too! If you have this old piece you don‘t want to get rid  off...let’s just pimp the themes and colours at your wish with unlimited possibilities!

The Angels Factory